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3 years ago


3 years ago

because all i want is the moon upon a stick

just to see what it is

just to see what gives

quite nice, really.

3 years ago

counting backwards /// the velvet teen

alright, i legitimately promise that this will be the last tvt post for a very decent while… but i mean, who would i be if i passed up an opportunity to share those things that make those moments that ring in that head of yours for hours? this is one such thing. specifically the 4:20 mark. a live twist to the song, but that just kills it. forgive my lack of eloquence, but hopefully this might make you smile as much as i did.

in the meantime, just close your eyes, count backwards.

3 years ago

i did a really horrible job at fooling myself into thinking that i shook myself of my romanticist notions. 

but, in the end, i don’t think i ever wanted to lose them.

3 years ago

this life is so surreal.

3 years ago

this pace of life is incredibly wonderful, but endlessly maddening at the same time. i am one for reflection, and there isn’t much of a home for that this year. i am still adjusting and recognizing the perspectival shifts of the fowler dynasty happening in me today, leaving me completely behind in being aware of how denmark is molding me and pushing me in directions a consisently bottled life at cal poly never could.

this rejection is difficult for me, but after some struggle, i can’t help but feel indescribably alive. i can’t gauge myself for the moment, so i’m leaving the speed radar to collect dust in the closet. call it cliche and i’ll agree with you, but i can’t diminish the fact that in this past month i feel like i’ve smuggled some kind of illegal sports supplement into an already accelerated life.

i am insanely blessed, and insanely lucky. i pray that i’ll always be aware of that. 

3 years ago
6am Copenhagen time I became the happiest person still awake.

6am Copenhagen time I became the happiest person still awake.

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3 years ago

curse me out in free verse

wrap me up and reverse this

patience is a virtue

until it’s silence burns you

love dog // tv on the radio

maybe it’s the dramatics of the danish climate, but this song just completely messed me up. thanks a lot tunde.

4 years ago

for all intensive purposes, i’m spending less time here and more in copenhagen. follow that at this photo blog instead if you’d like.

4 years ago
team edward.

as i sat down on a step on the playground, edward joined me, mumbling some horrible blend of spanish, english, and anxiety. the child believed in always being it no matter the circumstance in duck duck goose and never managed to understand the basic principles of the birthday game, yet he found some incredible resolve in making the most subtle of physical contact with me. i repeatedly attached and removed the velrco laces from his shoe, drawing out an incredible laugh from a visibly absent face. i hadn’t much to say, but he compensated with a jumbled narrative that seemed to explain without words his struggle with something far greater than i have ever dealt with. sure enough a teacher came over to me and explained that edward was about to be diagnosed with autism, and my heart broke.

after she walked away, edward looked at me, smiled, and grabbed my hand. this preschooler with virtually no english skills (and thus no understanding of the conversation that just took place), despite any circumstance or language barrier, didn’t care for anything other than the fact that, for the duration of an hour, someone sat down with him. and this 21 year old with virtually no spanish skills (and thus no understanding of our conversations), despite any circumstance or language barrier, didn’t care for anything other than the fact that, for the duration of an hour, someone sat down with him.

edward, you just rocked my world.